Sebastian Art Studio Tour of 2024

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Donna Ware

Donna Ware is a native Pennsylvanian. After completing her Associates Degree in Bucks County, she married her high school sweetheart in 1975. Full time employment, two sons, and five years later, she completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry, followed by her MBA from Rider University.

In 1985, she was introduced to ceramics, which led her to other art mediums and became fascinated with watercolor.  In 1990, she joined a co-op of other artists and hosted her first art show.

Donna retired in 2004, and moved to the Eastern Shore of Virginia where she became a member of their Art League. The art community embraced her and her work thrived through paint-outs, and Plein Airs.

As a Master Naturalist, she spent seven years working in nature, providing endless subject matter for her painting compositions.

 Now living full-time in Florida, her two worlds have united. She participates in several environmental organizations,  and her involvement with Brevard Watercolor Society, Vice  Presidency of Sebastian River Art Club, and the Florida Watercolor Society conventions have supplied many  opportunities to expand and enrich her work.


Artist Statement

Despite my extensive education in Business and Science, I have come alive through watercolor painting. As a Master Naturalist, my love of nature has provided me with endless material for subjects  and compositions. My membership with Sebastian River Art Club, Brevard Watercolor Society, and regular attendance at the Florida Watercolor Society conventions, has given me great opportunities to expand and enrich my artwork.