Sebastian Art Studio Tour of 2022

Lana McConnell- Oil Painter  


I am an oil painter drawn to the colors, forms, and abstract qualities of the world around me. Oil paint is toxic, messy, and expensive, but I can’t live without it. I guess that makes me an addict. I prefer the versatility and rich textural effects achieved by oil which takes the light in and gives it back to you.

My art appears representational but aside from commissioned portraits requiring a live model, it is often done with few tangible references. My subject matter may speak of people, places, and things from my imagination, but I like them to feel comforting and familiar to the observer so that we can share a dialogue. Each painting fully engages my mind, and spirit. Paintings are a joy to produce and I believe that Art can be beautiful and meaningful at the same time. Paul Cezanne had it right when he counselled Émile Bernard in a 1904 letter, “. . . paint. Therein, lies salvation.”


—Lana McConnell