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8th Annual Sebastian Art Studio Tour

Saturday, February 9, 2019


Minéraux Designs
Jewelry · Metalsmith · Lapidary


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Elena’s appreciation for art and nature evolved to create Minéraux Designs, where she explores and shares her passion for rocks and minerals through handcrafted jewelry. Her one-of-a-kind pieces are inspired by the unique nature of her materials: semi-precious gemstones, fresh-water pearls, recycled materials, and occasional found objects. Elena’s practice is expanding to include more of her own lapidary work, too. Her artistic experiments, using ethically sourced and recycled material in a green and sustainable studio practice, provide Elena with a satisfying respite from her day job as a scientist.


Richard Ramirez 

Ceramic objects created by the artist are influence by the Florida fauna and flora and can be decorational and/or functional. Work that has been high fire are food and dishwasher safe.

Florida artist Richard Rameriz - Sebastian Art Studio Tour

From Richard:

I've been in Florida for over 8 years now, a transplant form California where I taught Art and Ceramics in three different high schools and 5 years at a Community College for a total of 36 years before I retired.

Art has been with me as far back I can remember. I even did my student-teaching and got my first teaching job from the high school I graduated from. For me, teaching art didn't seem like a job! 
Some 40 years later, I'm here in Florida now where its warm, green, moist, with an abundance of wildlife and beautiful vegetation. Inspiration is everywhere! So now, the wife and I get to do some traveling and much of my time is spent in my outdoor studio dabbling in all the art skills I taught my students in the past.