Sebastian Art Studio Tour of 2024

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Sheila Lougheed's earliest memory of painting was at age two.  Her dad had purchased his first house in Danbury Ct.  Sheila found some red paint and set to work gleefully painting anything she could:  the garage, the car, the German Shepard ...She wondered why her dad did not share in her enthusiasm.

 In second grade of Catholic School, Sheila and her classmates were told to draw a picture of what they wanted to be when they grew up.  While most of the students drew pictures of nuns and priests, Sheila drew a picture of a cartoonist for Mad Magazine.  Her mother got a concerned call from The Mother Superior.  

Still, she was not dissuaded.  Her ebullient paintings reflect the influence of O'Keeffe's erotic rhythm and Pollack's spontaneity and application of layers.

Since moving to Florida, Sheila has been working closely with world renowned artist, Frits Van Eeden.  His influence has greatly impacted her work. 

Saint Sebastian Catholic Church commissioned two murals depicting The Pentecost and The Ascension into Heaven.  Many murals with Sheila's signature can be seen throughout Vero Beach, Naples, and Sarasota, FL.